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TwistFree CollarLead 1/4" Thick

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TwistFree CollarLead 1/4

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Product Description

Show Collar and Lead in 1 !

TwistFree CollarLead™ is a professional one piece combination show lead and slip collar that won’t kink, tangle or twist up. The special swivel won’t pinch or snag your dog’s hair!

The slip ring stops at the swivel and forms a persistent collar loop available in all popular sizes. You will never have to reform the loop and it can be held fully opened with just one hand!

No more fumbling with the ring to make a new loop while trying to hold the dog and wishing you had three hands! Since the collar loop remains, just open the collar and slip it on!

The handle loop fits over the wrist allowing use of your fingers while still having control of the leash and dog. While handy, this is not for large or unruly dogs that might drag you!

Sleek smooth splices and minimal hardware not only make our TwistFree CollarLead™ look great, but also lightweight and compact. One complete lead with collar easily fits in the palm of your hand and several different colors and sizes will fit comfortably in your pockets and on your dog!

TwistFree CollarLead™ have no knots, clamps or fasteners for a very sleek look and feel. They are also strong and durable!

With coordinating colors to match most dogs they almost disappear so the focus will be on your dog! They are rust free, snag free and with no leather, machine washable!

We’ve looked long and hard and never found another lead with collar that offers all these features or works and looks as good as TwistFree CollarLead™!

Not only for shows and dog handlers!

TwistFree CollarLeads™ are super for obedience and agility training of all breeds! They’re great for hunters, joggers and breeders! We use them everyday in our kennel with our Labradors and puppies! We love them and feel certain that you, your show dogs and all your special pets will love TwistFree CollarLeads™ too!

Product Attributes

  • Collar Length: 20, 22, 24, 26, 28
  • Color: Black , Brown, Tan, White