Ruffy Tuffy

Plush Puppy USA
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Plush Puppy Ruffy Tuffy Coat Spray – A grooming spray specifically for those wanting to add texture to any coat, where a harsh/coarse coat is required.  Ruffy Tuffy will not leave the coat sticky. Helps firm over softened coats.

Suitable: Plush Puppy Ruffy Tuffy Coat Spray is ideal for harsh coated and shorter coated breeds where wire texture or a coarse/harsh coat is essential like Terriers.

Directions: Plush Puppy Ruffy Tuffy Coat Spray can be applied as a light mist from 30cm away to a dry or damp coat. Dry naturally or blow-dry. Keep repeating until the desired texture is achieved. Can also be used to create a firmer texture after bathing.